March/April 2017

March/April 2017

Once again, our Ranger will have the lion's share in the new edition of this Giornale Online, with the comeback of Tex's first, legendary adventures in a full-color fourtnightly edition!

Dear friends,
you can find a hint of the approaching springtime in the wind of legend that is blowing from the unforgettable and exciting pages of Tex's adventures! And that breeze will leave the hands of many readers packed with the stories that made the Bonellian ranger a leading figure in the world of Italian comics. Starting from March 3, the saga of the hero created by G.L. Bonelli & Aurelio Galleppini will be reissued in a series of beautiful albums with an agile format—and you'll find them at your newsstands and comic bookstores every 14 days. Tex Classic is a not-to-be-missed chance, more that 20 years after the debut of the last reprint series by Sergio Bonelli Editore (Tex Nuova Ristampa, 1996), to enjoy the pleasure of discovering – or rediscovering – the deep and necessary roots of an evergreen character like Tex. A character that will reach the goal of 70 years of publishing life, in 2018. And we are already planning a huge celebration for next year…

Distant future aside, let's take a closer look at the next two months, March and April 2017. For the one-off albums, we will have “I pionieri dell’ignoto”, a Romanzo a Fumetti set in the 19th century, where Stefano Vietti has poured all his great love for adventure, in between History and the most freewheeling fantasy; a long, self-concluded tale, with art by an Alessandro Bignamini on top of his game. His meticulous and detailed pages show us what is probably the most spectacular and atmospheric achievement of his career. You don't want to miss it!

The end of March will also feature the return of Dylan Dog Magazine: the menu here offers two comic stories and dossiers about blood-tinged vacations, scream queens and nightmarish clowns! We will also have the usual appointment with Speciale Zagor, n.29, where Giovanni Eccher will take the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet to the misty harbor of Port Whale, in a story with art by Gianni Sedioli/Marco Verni. Zagor will have to exonerate an old friend from blame, after the man has been accused to have committed heinous murders!

Our overview comes to an end with a touch of science-fiction: don't forget that March sees the conclusion of Orfani: Terra, with an astounding and desperate chapter, and that April will be the month of the Orfani: Sam series debut, the last narrative arc of the saga concieved by Recchioni & Mammucari. If you like stories set in the far future, don't lose the tracks of the Alfa agents, busy with two dangerous missions – in the core of cyberspace and the depth of a dark mine – in the 13th Maxi Nathan Never.

We'll leave you with the pleasure of find out about the other many Bonelli issues of the next two months, by leafing through the pages of our Giornale Online!

Have a nice read!