Le Tigri Volanti - Le Grandi Storie Bonelli 04

Series: Le Grandi Storie Bonelli

N°: 4

Frequency: quarterly

Le Tigri Volanti

Introduction: An honest and brave “Reluctant Hero”: Mister No!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 352

Barcode: 977278515204520004

Release: 01/06/2022

Price: 9,90





September 1940. While strong winds of war blow over the world, a young man looking for adventure asks for a job at Caniff Field, a small airport near San Francisco. Jerry Drake will find his baptism of fire and his first time flying, and then will know the bitter taste of battle in the Chinese skies, volunteering as a pilot in the legendary US “Flying Tigers”. Here, he’ll dramatically gain his nickname: Mister No!