L'ombra della vendetta - Julia 253 cover

Series: Julia

N°: 253

Frequency: monthly

L'ombra della vendetta

Introduction: A man who committed a horrible crime has paid his debt to justice. Apparently, someone thinks prison was not enough of a punishment…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 128

Barcode: 977112717704390253

Release: 01/10/2019

Price: 4,50

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza

Artwork: Francesco Bonanno

Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

Mike Crawford killed his wife, running her over with his car, and kidnapped his daughter. He served his sentence, but right after he comes out of prison, his former neighbor – who was the witness of his uxoricide – kills him. Evidence point to self-defense, but Julia thinks something’s wrong…