Bentornata, Myrna! - Julia Ristampa 04 cover

Series: Julia. I casi archiviati

N°: 4

Frequency: monthly

Bentornata, Myrna!

Introduction: Myrna's guilt for the blood she spilled looked sincere. But can a tigress turn into a sweet kitten?

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 128

Barcode: 977112717713590004

Release: 15/02/2019

Price: 4,90






There are some women who aren’t easy to forget and others you wish you’d never met... Myrna Harrod belongs to both categories and the three years she’s spent in a maximum security penitentiary certainly haven’t improved her character! Now, however, the eye-catching, blood-thirsty girl is no longer behind bars and she has set off for Garden City, to look up an old friend of hers: Professor Julia Kendall!