Il Confine. Sotto l'arco spezzato

Series: Libri Il Confine

N°: 2

Il Confine. Sotto l'arco spezzato

Type: Hardcover

Size: 22 x 29,7 cm, color

Pages: 80

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-465-1

Barcode: 9788869614651

Release: 06/02/2020

Price: 16,00

Plot: Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi

Script: Mauro Uzzeo, Giovanni Masi

Artwork: Bruno Cannucciari

Cover: Lorenzo LRNZ Ceccotti

Colors: Alessia Pastorello

Laura Denti and Antoine Jacob join forces while the mysteries of a small Alpine town are getting more tangled up every day. Who is the madman running around the woods? What secrets the parents of the missing children are hiding? Why some people don't want the investigation to go forward?

What power gets unleashed behind the broken arch?