Bonelli 2021 Preview

Nathan Never 2021!

In our traditional preview of the Bonelli Heroes’ near future, it’s the turn of another of the classic characters of our Publishing House. In 2021, Nathan Never celebrates his 30th birthday and has many surprises in store for his readers


In 2021, we celebrate 30 years of Nathan's series, with many events in store for you...

Welcome back to our customary rendezvous with all the news about Nathan Never's new year. As most of you know, this is not an ordinary year: in 2021, we celebrate 30 years of Nathan's series, with many events in store for you... We can start with the contest to choose the best cover of the series. You can find it on the pages of our website since a few weeks ago. Or we can talk about the four-issue summer miniseries, temporarily called "Giove", in which Bepi Vigna, with the help of Germano Bonazzi and Max Bertolini, will uncover other core secrets of Nathan Never's universe... Or the fact that, in collaboration with Italy's Ministry of the Environment, Nathan will accompany several important events organized by the Ministry in preparation for international meetings centered on the protection of the environment and the global measures to take in order to tackle the "climate change". But it is still too early to tell you exactly how this important alliance will happen...

So, let's talk about the monthly series: after the sensational turn of events that ended the adventure set in Tergeste, we only could start the year with another double story, as shocking as the last one, written by the usual suspect, Vigna, for the art of Maurizio Gradin: an adventure that won't fail to arouse your interest, in which we will have a glimpse behind the scenes of Nathan's future, to see who is actually holding the reins of the tricky political balance of the future society. If you are thinking about the Earth Federation or the Security Council, you're on the wrong track...

After the sensational turn of events that ended the adventure set in Tergeste, we only could start the year with a story as shocking as the last one.

In March, it's time for an "action-full" album by a comeback writer, Sergio Masperi, who created a tailor-made story for Massimo Dall'Oglio, inspired by their shared passion for the Master, Hayao Miyazaki. In April, the indomitable Bepi Vigna, with art by Giéz, plunges us again into the desperation of Time Zero, in an ideal sequel of n.300.

Michele Medda, with a few exceptions, will be at the helm of the series in the year's second half. As we would expect, he will do it with a string of outstanding stand-alone albums, flanked by talented artists, such as Simona Denna, Elena Pianta, Massimiliano Bergamo, Andrea Cascioli, Rosario Raho... As for the exceptions we mentioned here above, we highlight the story in the July and August issues, by Stefano Marzorati & Onofrio Catacchio, especially for its visual solutions and melancholy tone, in perfect Nathan-Never style.

We will get to present our stories and artists properly in the next months. Right now, we can disclose that, in June, we will add a "Bis" to the regular series, a unique album for the 30th anniversary, written by Bepi Vigna with art by Germano Bonazzi. For those who feared its untimely passing away, I can confirm that in December, even if with a few pages less, our Speciale Nathan Never will be at your newsstands. Michele Medda and Silvia Corbetta are already working on it.

We can only reveal these things for the time being, but we will gradually disclose many others.

By Glauco Guardigli

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