Zombicide Invader

Zombicide Invader: read and play!

Sergio Bonelli Editore and Manicomix present a variant edition of "Benvenuti all'inferno" that sports a cover by artist Adrian Smith and contains a special exclusive card for the Zombicide Invader board-game not included in the boxed set.


Starting on thursday, January 28 you can find Zombicide Invader. Benvenuti all'Inferno in bookstores and comic-book store throughout the Italian peninsula, as well as in our own Online shop and in the brand new Bonelli Store in Milan. The book, written by Stefano Vietti with art by Giancarlo Olivares, is the first collaboration between Sergio Bonelli Editore e CMON, a comic-book set in the science-fiction world of the popular board game Zombicide Invader.

Along with the "regular" version, we also present a special variant edition available only in selected bookstores of the Manicomix chain and in our Online shop. This limited edition sports a cover by Adrian Smith and contains an exclusive game card featuring Captain Kane, not included in the official boxed set.

So, if you're a fan of the Zombicide game series this is you chance to read a fantastic adventure set in that universe and then relive it while playing! What you're waiting for?

Zombicide Invader. Benvenuti all'Inferno, written by Stefano Vietti with art by Giancarlo Olivares, cover by Giancarlo Olivares. From January 28 in bookstores, comicbook stores and our Online shop.

Zombicide Invader. Benvenuti all'Inferno - Variant, written by Stefano Vietti with art by Giancarlo Olivares, cover by Adrian Smith. From January 28 in bookstores, comicbook stores and our Online shop.