Preview 2020

Odessa 2020!

Our journey across the Bonellian heroes' 2020 goes on, and it's time to tell what we have in store for the readers of Odessa. The sci-fi universe of our publishing house reaches half of its second narrative cycle.


By Antonio Serra

Evolution, transformation, fusion... those will be Odessa's keywords for next year, too. The second narrative cycle of our series, Rivelazioni, will take us to the outer border of the galaxy in February and will end in April with an issue full of unexpected turns of events.

Evolution, transformation, fusion... Those will be Odessa's keywords for next year.

In May, we'll have the beginning of a new group of stories, starting in the past (Yakiv's childhood before the accident with the Serraglio 457 spaceship). It will take us, jumping to and fro the past and future, until the end of the year, nearing the showdown with the terrible and mysterious Ignoti. All the stories are written and coordinated by Davide Rigamonti, the creator of the series with Mariano De Biase, who will be the cover artist.

The albums will feature art by Luciano Regazzoni, Antonella Vicari, Elisabetta Barletta, Elena Cesana, Simone Ragazzoni, Pier Gallo, Lucia Arduini, Ivan Vitolo, Michela Da Sacco, Emanuele Boccanfuso. They will have the chance to unleash their creativity in a recreation of the ever-changing world of this extraordinary city, Nuova Odessa! Colors by Mariano De Biase, Daria Cerchi, Edoardo Arzani, Virginia Chiabotti, Simone Ragazzoni, and Federico Giretti.

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