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Tex 70!

Tex 70!

We have in store celebrations galore, in September and October, for our Ranger’s 70th anniversary!

Tex is seventy!

That should be old news, if you’re a regular aficionado of our Ranger’s comics and visit the pages of our website. The album specially created to celebrate the all-important anniversary will be at your newsstands on September 7, written by Mauro Boselli for the ink of the Sienese master, Giovanni Ticci. As usual, for extraordinary events like this, the issue will be in full color! It’s not the only surprise, thug. Tex 695 will honor this historic milestone with a gift for all our readers: the sticker album of Tex and all the Bonellian heroes! A 96-page book in full color that will allow you to collect, in September and October, 104 stickers that you can find in the series starring Eagle of the Night (Classic, Nuova Ristampa, Magazine, Tutto, Maxi). Also, the cards will be attached to the new issues of the Bonellian heroes that participate in the celebration: Dragonero, Nathan Never, Julia, Zagor, Dampyr, Martin Mystère, and Dylan Dog, just to name a few. If you want to know the complete inventory of the series involved, you’ll just have to wait a few days. We will list an exhaustive schedule of future appointments, and a sneak peek of some of the album’s pages.

In addition to the 70th-year album, we will have a couple of special issues, in September. The first one is the new volume of the hard-cover series, in large format and full color: “Cinnamon Wells”, a story written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Mario Alberti. The second event is an unusual Fall edition of our Tex Magazine, tailored to the celebrations for the Ranger’s birthday, with plenty of pictures, dossiers, and two unpublished comic stories that will be a delight for our long-standing readers: suffice it to say that the first story (by Boselli/Civitelli) takes Lilyth, Eagle of the Night’s unforgettable wife, back to the limelight; in the second (by Boselli/Dotti) we will meet again Dinamite, the horse that lived a myriad adventures with the White chief of the Navajos! If our September menu does not satiate you, the next month will also feature Maxi Tex, with other two appetizing stories! For October, too, we are preparing an event that all Tex’s fans don’t want to miss. Follow us closely, and you will find out…

Beyond the Texian horizon, among the special issues of the next two months we’d like to highlight the graphic novel “Mani Nude” (written by Paola Barbato, with art by Furnò/Armitano), Maxi Zagor n.34, Speciale Dylan Dog n.32 (with a return to the Planet of the Dead), the 21st Storie da Altrove; the final stages of the initiatives dedicated to Creepy Past, Dragonero Adventures, and Nathan Never Generazioni; Maxi Nathan Never n.16, the 14th Speciale Dampyr, and Maxi Dylan Dog n.34.

Another scorching hot autumn! Find out more about it, leafing through the pages of our new Journal of Sergio Bonelli Editore Online!