Special offer

A month dedicated to Nathan Never!

From this very moment until the end of June, you can have a 10% discount on every Nathan Never product available in our Online Shop. Read on, and find out how.


A month dedicated to Nathan Never!

Throughout the whole month of June, until the 30th at midnight, you can have a 10% discount on every product regarding Nathan Never available in our Online Shop. Comicbooks, paperbacks, special variant editions, t-shirts, keychains... Everything labeled Nathan Never, old or new, counts!

To get the discount, simply put the products you're interested in in your cart and then proceed to checkout. Fill in all the information required, choose how you want to pay and then, when asked, insert the code nathannever2018!

Mind you, the discount is available only on the Nathan Never products: if you buy an issue of Nathan's regular series and something else not related to our Alfa Agency's special agent, only the comicbook will be discounted.

You have exactly one month - from June 1 to 30 - to take advantage of our discount, but don't worry: you can use the code every time you want, inside this timeframe. Have a good shopping!