Commissario Ricciardi

Benvenuto, Commissario Ricciardi!

Welcome, Chief Ricciardi!

"Il senso del dolore" is the first book in a four-issue miniseries adapting the Maurizio de Giovanni's novels starring police chief Ricciardi. It came out on November 14, and we will soon have a section of the site entirely dedicated to the Neapolitan detective.

After the book available in bookstores and comicbook shop, Il senso del dolore è now available in the newsstands as weel. Ricciardi is the first non original character to become part of the Bonelli "family" and as such, he deserves his own section of our site.

In this section, you'll find information on Ricciardi himself and on the supporting cast, but also on the city of Naples in the Thirties, the background of all his adventures. You just have to be patient, and you'll see it all!