The soul of Dragonero

Met by success at Lucca Comics & Games 20167, "Senzanima" hits the stand in bookstores and comicbook shops. The story by Luca Enoch and Mario Alberti is the beginning of the tale of a young Dragonero, working as a mercenary...


After being met with great enthusiasm by the fans at the 2017 Lucca Comics & Games, Senzanima is finally available in every bookstore and comic-book shop, as well as in our Online shop.

Written by the character co-creatore Luca Enoch with art by Mario Alberti, the book is the first tale of the adventures of a young Dragonero, when he joined a group of mercenaries known as "i Senzanima" ("those without soul"). A very important book in Dragonero's continuity, Senzanima fully deserves this rich galley!