With bare hands!

Winner of the Scerbanenco Award in 2008, Paola Barbato's novel "Mani nude" is now a comic book with art by Paolo Armitano and Davide Furnò, available in bookstores and comicbook shop from november 23, 2017.


Paola Barbato, recently awarded with the Gran Guinigi at Lucca Comics & Games for writing the UT miniseries, won in 2008 the Scerbanenco Award for best thriller novel with "Mani nude". Now, the novel becomes a prestige comic book with art by Paolo Armitano & Davide Furnò

Set in the world of clandestine fights - the ones fought barehanded, "a mani nude" - Mani nude is now available in every bookstore and comicbook shop, as well as in our Online shop. Here, we present you a gallery of pages from the book.