Le Storie

When Agatha Christie meets Asimov

"La legge zero", Le Storie #60, speculates on an interesting question: what if, as an inspiration, you have both the most celebrated mistery writer of all time and the most famous sci-fi author of the modern era?


What if Agatha Christie meets Isaac Asimov? This is, more or less, the question that brought "La legge zero" to life, more than a year ago. What if the most celebrated mistery writer of the classic age meets one of the most famous (if not the most famous) author of science fiction of the 20th century? The challenge was accepted with enthusiasm by writer Giovanni Eccher and by artist Valentino Forlini.

This gallery shows the somber and clear line of the Cremona-born artist, essential ingredient to swim in the dark waters of this story. The book will be on sale from September 12.