Speciale Julia

Julia and the lost twin

At the end of June, the 2017 Julia Special has arrived in the newsstand, "Il caso della gemella perduta". Here's a gallery of arts by Steve Boraley!


On June 29 it will arrive in the newsstands, and on August 3 it will hit the stand of the bookstores and our own Online shop. It's the 2017 Julia Special, "Il caso della gemella perduta". 128 pages in full color, with a story set in Julia's youth, when she was still a college student.

Written by Giancarlo Berardi and Maurizio Mantero with art by Steve Boraley, "Il caso della gemella perduta" sports the work of colorists Gloria Martinelli and Spartaco Lombardo.

Here's a scene from the beginning of the book, right up to the discovery of the body.