Dylan Dog Oldboy 4 cover

Series: Dylan Dog Oldboy

N°: 4

Frequency: bimonthly

Dylan Dog Oldboy 4

Introduction: Christmas is all the merrier if you celebrate under the snow, even if it’s tinged in blood-red… Dylan should rather find a diversion, trying to retrieve a magic artifact, that, of course, is in the hands of an appalling old man…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 192

Barcode: 977182645204500042

Release: 12/12/2020

Price: 6,90





Il Natale infinito
Plot and script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio, Matteo Santaniello

Dylan is in a nasty mood, as per usual, around Christmas. And he has good reasons for that because he will soon find himself in a strange dimension, where the unexpected is everywhere, snow tinges with a bloody shade of red, and reality becomes its exact opposite...

Per pagare e per morire
Plot and script: Tito Faraci
Artwork: Sergio Gerasi

A young woman goes to 7 Craven Road, claiming that someone stole from her a coin endowed with magic powers. Under a spell, the Nightmare Investigator agrees to retrieve the penny from a horrific old man who is dominating an entire village...