Ombre - Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi 22 cover

Series: Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi

N°: 22

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: Another classic by Tiziano Sclavi that you don't want to miss!

Barcode: 977253263204290022

Release: 05/02/2019

Price: 5,90






In the wood of Shin, the foliage of trees dance in the wind and the night is populated by whispers and... shadows. They’re black spirits with neither master nor body, obscure forms incited by hatred. Who’s given life to these bizarre horrors? Why do they kill children? The psychic Georg Roll knows the answers, but can’t reveal them to anybody. Not even to himself!

The volume also features an in-depth, unpublished and visually rich series of dossiers.

Friday 1 July 1988

Wednesday 1 May 1991

Tuesday 30 March 1993

Sunday 1 March 1998