Gotico inglese - Dylan Dog Color Fest 28 cover

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 28

Frequency: quarterly

Gotico inglese

Introduction: Two unpublished stories, set in the Victorian Era…

Barcode: 977197194704590028

Release: 08/02/2019

Price: 5,90






L’ultimo viaggio del Demeter

Plot and script: Giulio Antonio Gualtieri
Artwork: Stefano Landini
Colors: Alessia Pastorello

At the end of the 19th century, Dylan and Groucho go aboard the “Demeter” for a tragic adventure, where they will cross paths with one of the all-time most famous and notorious characters of the horror literature…

La Grande Infezione

Plot and script: Fabrizio Accatino
Artwork: Fabrizio Des Dorides
Colors: Alessia Pastorello

In the insalubrious streets of a 19th-century London, the Nightmare Investigator is forced to fight a terrible virus.

With a free box for the Nightmare Tarots, and a booklet for tarot divination written by Bepi Vigna.