Super Book n°75 cover

Series: Serie Super Book

N°: 75

Frequency: four-monthly

Super Book n°75

Introduction: When the devil puts his hoof in and a building haunted by silent presences

Barcode: 977203567704580075

Release: 21/08/2018

Price: 6,90





Effetti collaterali
Plot, script and artwork: Carlo Ambrosini

While an unceasing storm is battering the United Kingdom, the fate of humanity seems to be frost in a comedy with non solution. In between dream and reality, only the dweller of Craven Road can hope to solve the thick plot designed by the devil.

Il parassita
Plot and script: Andrea Cavaletto
Artwork: Alessandro Baggi

The owner of a crumpling building in a degraded London neighborhood vanishes into thin air. Asked to investigate the case, Dylan Dog will have to face a mysterious and strange creature that's able to creep through the walls and infiltrate the ceilings…