Quando cadono le stelle - Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi 13 cover

Series: Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi

N°: 13

Frequency: monthly

Quando cadono le stelle

Introduction: Another classic by Tiziano Sclavi that you don't want to miss!

Barcode: 977253263204280013

Release: 03/05/2018

Price: 5,90






Whitley Davies re-emerges from the past, and, together with him, the Terror from the Infinite is back as well, but this time it’s not shadows from the subconscious that torment him, but extraterrestrials in flesh and blood instead. Whoever is concealing the truth about aliens know that it’s a truth which far surpasses our understanding. This is what is worrying General Scott, and this is what Dylan’s fifth and a half sense seems to perceive.

The volume also features an in-depth, unpublished and visually rich series of dossiers.

Thursday 1 October 1987

Tuesday 1 January 1991

Tuesday 30 June 1992

Sunday 1 June 1997