Le notti della luna piena - Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi 09 cover

Series: Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi

N°: 9

Frequency: monthly

Le notti della luna piena

Introduction: The wolf cry imagined by Tiziano Sclavi 30 years ago is back to haunt the Black Forest!

Barcode: 977253263204280009

Release: 04/01/2018

Price: 5,90






In the Black Forest, the night is shattered by a distant howl, while bestial jaws hurl themselves over the prey. Mysterious disappearances, legends, evidence form terrified villagers: something strange is happening in the female public school managed by the Bluchers sisters... Werewolves? Dylan is on the track of a missing girl and, among the woodland shadows, powerful sorcery is awaiting him...

Monday 1 June 1987

Thursday 1 November 1990

Tuesday 25 February 1992

Saturday 1 February 1997