Golconda! - Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi 02 cover

Series: Il Dylan Dog di Tiziano Sclavi

N°: 2

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: A new full-color edition for this classic signed by Tiziano Sclavi.

Barcode: 977112436004270252

Release: 03/06/2017

Price: 5,90






Go to Hell! It’s a very special club that’s managed by the beautiful Amber Cat: cool music, nice company and something really demoniacal. Creatures from the other world freely roam among the terrified passers-by and an apocalyptical air is blowing on London. Who’s stirred up the infernal hordes and why? Dylan and Amber have to go to ends of the earth to search for the solution, to the bottom of the Earth, to the jungle of... Golconda!

The volume also features an in-depth, unpublished and visually rich series of dossiers.

Saturday 1 November 1986

Monday 2 July 1990

Tuesday 30 July 1991

Monday 1 July 1996