I ricordi sepolti - Dylan Dog Collezione Book 249 cover

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 249

Frequency: monthly

I ricordi sepolti

Introduction: Merian fears everything that grows on bare earth. Her nightmare brings back ghastly presences from the past, which Dylan Dog must investigate!

Barcode: 977112436004270249

Release: 14/02/2017

Price: 4,90





“Did I ever tell you about that time when I died?”. That’s the beginning of some of the unusual stories Barton Darke, Merian’s father, used to tell his daughter when she was a little girl. Wonderful tales of dwarfs and speaking trees, hidden treasure and… living dead! Dark tales that became frighteningly real a few years before, when Barton disappeared, swallowed up by the earth of a graveyard! It’s a nightmare that Merian managed to put aside, after moving to London. Now she has to face all that again, but now she’ll be helped by Dylan Dog!

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Friday 23 April 2010