Dragonero Magazine 2020 cover

Series: Dragonero Magazine

Frequency: annual

Dragonero Magazine 2020

Introduction: The annual appointment with the Italian fantastic has a name: Dragonero Magazine!

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 176

Barcode: 977112262604100166

Release: 24/11/2020

Price: 8,50






Autumn: it’s time for Dragonero Magazine! At your newsstands, you’ll find the only album that offers its readers an exciting and appreciated mix of comic stories and articles about the world of Fantastic! This year, our attention focus on the people of indefatigable miners, crafty blacksmiths, and incorrigible soft-hearted grouches, the Dwarves. When we talk about dwarves, it’s impossible not to expect a Luca Enoch script: nobody in Italy writes about Dwarves like him! This year’s story, split into three parts with art by three drawers, is written by Enoch, who created an epic and, at the same time, entertaining quest, starring three gritty, quarrelsome, and cynical Dwarves!
Along this not-to-be-missed adventure, Maurizio Colombo prepared a surprise for our readers: a long article, with other two files about the fantastic King Arthur epic and, seizing the occasion of a new Senzanima volume (a bookstore spin-off of the adventure of young Ian), about the history of the free companies of mercenary soldiers, told through historical episodes, movies, books, and comics. And finally, a dossier about the great battles of fantasy…
In short, this year’s Dragonero magazine is an appointment not to be missed!

Il consiglio dei reggenti
Plot and script: Luca Enoch
Artwork: Luca Bonessi
Colors: Andres Mossa

Ghiaccio e fuoco
Plot and script: Luca Enoch
Artwork: Vincenzo Riccardi
Colors: Alessandro Baccaglini

Sfida sull’isola!
Plot and script: Luca Enoch
Artwork: Cristiano Cucina
Colors: Martina Saviane