Oltre le tempeste - Dragonero 61 cover

Series: Dragonero

N°: 61

Frequency: monthly

Oltre le tempeste

Introduction: An issue that Dragonero's fans don’t want to miss, with Luca Enoch as both a writer and an artist for the first time!

Barcode: 977228243004280061

Release: 09/06/2018

Price: 4,40





The lost archipelago called Ultima Dimora. That’s the mysterious place that Ian, Alben, Ausofer, and Morvana reach in their search for the Sounding Stone of the Ubiquitous. Dragonero knows that the stone is the only way to get into the Hidden Continent, beyond the Storm Belt, where the Great Dragons dwell. The goal of his journey is to convince the giant creatures to take part in the conflict that is ravaging the Erondár. But Ian needs to move fast, because, in the Plain of Cyclops, the imperial troops are getting ready for the final clash.