Prigioniero! - Dragonero 57 cover

Series: Dragonero

N°: 57

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: Erondar is burning, everywhere the battle against the Black Queens rages. And Dragonero will have to suffer the consequences of it!

Barcode: 977228243004280057

Release: 09/02/2018

Price: 4,40





The war waged by the Black Queens spread to the whole Erondàr, without sparing nothing and nobody: the Great Wall, the Academy of the Dragon-Riders in Roccabruna, the military port of Surendàrt... there are harsh battles everywhere! The Black Queens army is formidable and seemingly invincible. But the worst news for the Empire are those that spread around the crumbling walls of Vahlendàrt: Dragonero fell into the enemy’s clutches!