Tre giovani eroi - Dragonero Adventures 01 cover

Series: Dragonero Adventures

N°: 1

Frequency: monthly

Tre giovani eroi

Introduction: It's the beginning of Dragonero's adventures for a young public, at the time when Ian was a hero... before he became a hero!

Barcode: 977253284604370001

Release: 09/11/2017

Price: 3,50

Plot: Enoch Luca

Script: Enoch Luca

Artwork: Crosa Riccardo

Colors: Paolo Francescutto

Cover: Crosa Riccardo, colors Paolo Francescutto

Even the greatest heroes have been kids once. Here’s the adventures of Ian, Myrva & Gmor, reckless daredevils always looking for trouble, who will be involved in a myriad adventures and fight against ginormous trolls, malicious witches, evil sorcerers and every conceivable kind of monster!