La principessa delle sabbie - Speciale Dragonero 04 cover

Series: Speciale Dragonero

N°: 4

Frequency: annual

La principessa delle sabbie

Introduction: Dragonero is the only one who can prevent a war, but he will have to face the dangers of a desert and the swords of his attackers.

Barcode: 977238485604770004

Release: 08/07/2017

Price: 7,90






A young princess from the Southern Kingdoms is due to marry the scion of the Baijadan Satrapy, as a way of signing a commercial and political alliance. But the caravan that transport the bride-to-be falls victim of an attack, and the bandits kidnap the young woman! Dragonero will have to face the threats of the desert and the swords of the attackers to save the princess and prevent a war. He will fight along the bodyguard of the princess, who has a secret in store...