La fortezza dei draghi - Dragonero Adventures 10 cover

Series: Dragonero Adventures

N°: 10

Frequency: monthly

La fortezza dei draghi

Introduction: The search for the pieces of the Trikketrakke book knows no end!

Barcode: 977253284604380010

Release: 04/08/2018

Price: 3,50






La fortezza dei draghi
Plot and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Antonella Platano
Colors: Piky Hamilton

Ian, Gmor & Myrva will have to sneak inside an ominous flying fortress, no less, that floats over a mysterious valley surrounded by steep rocky peaks and scattered with a multitude of wyverns. Who lives inside that fortress and what’s their secret? Ian will find out that, in some ways, the mystery has a connection with his future as a hero!

Tagliatrice crudele
Plot and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Simone Garizio
Colors: Giulio Zeloni

Still talking about the young Dragonero’s fate, we will get to know something more about the Varliedarto house and the story of the sword that Ian will brandish one day: the legendary Cruel Cutter!