Il segreto di Robert Howard - Dampyr 247 cover

Series: Dampyr

N°: 247

Frequency: monthly

Il segreto di Robert Howard

Introduction: A light from space, an old diary, a tragic love…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977159000204000247

Release: 03/10/2020

Price: 4,40





What’s the mystery in the secret diaries of Novalyne Price?... Is there really an outpost of the mysterious fungoid creatures from Yuggoth, hidden deep inside the Texas Hills?... And is there also an alien spaceship, like the one kept by Ixtlàn in Area 51?... Is it true that, long before Kurjak, Robert Howard, the creator of “Conan the Barbarian”, met the terrible Nyarlathotep?