I vampiri di Mompracem - Speciale Dampyr 16 cover

Series: Speciale Dampyr

N°: 16

Frequency: annual

I vampiri di Mompracem

Introduction: A fan of Salgari’s books, Kurjak, has always dreamt of meeting the Tigers of Malaysia…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 160

Barcode: 977182643804900016

Release: 22/10/2020

Price: 7,40





Even if he quit smoking, Kurjak, Dampyr’s right-hand man, has always identified with his childhood hero: Yanez de Gomera, Sandokan’s adventure mate, the Portuguese adventurer who has a cigarette dangling from his mouth perennially. Meeting him was only a child’s dream until Kurjak discovered the existence of parallel worlds. But can really exist an alternative reality so thunderous and larger-than-life such as Emilio Salgari’s Malaysia? When, in London, a Master of the Night who allied with Lord Marsden to fight our heroes, vanishes into the Multiverse because of Dr. Zardek’s invention, the space-time coordinates appear to lead to a remote stormy rock off Borneo’s coast, a lair of fearful pirates… Harlan and Kurjak will come face to face with Yanez, Kammamuri, Tremal-Naik, and Sambigliong. But Sandokan has vanished into the jungle, directed to the lost kingdom of Kinabalu…