Le ragazze di Mahogany Hall - Dampyr 230 cover

Series: Dampyr

N°: 230

Frequency: monthly

Le ragazze di Mahogany Hall

Introduction: Kurjak is struck by illness, while Harlan falls slave of a succubus…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977159000204090230

Release: 04/05/2019

Price: 4,40





A former private eye turned vampire, Jim Fajella, and his human fiancée, Michelle, a Las Vegas police officer, are looking for a lead on her sister Carmen, who disappeared in the prostitution ring. Their investigation takes them to New Orleans, where apparently Lulu White’s legendary brothel, Mahogany Hall, reopened a century later, with strange and special girls. The madam, Eisheth Zenumium, orders her love slave, Harlan Draka, to kill the vampire who threatens her lucrative business… But this drama suspended in between two eras and two worlds also stars Baron Samedi, another gorgeous succubus, Agrat Bat Malhat… and Emil Kurjak, who’s in Brittany, in Dr. Kergaz clinic, waiting for a fatal diagnosis…