Le bestie del mondo di sotto - Speciale Dampyr 14 cover

Series: Speciale Dampyr

N°: 14

Frequency: monthly

Le bestie del mondo di sotto

Introduction: Monstrous creatures of the Inca mythology resurface from the past. Are they created by the powers of a new, terrible Master of the Night? Dampyr will have to find out!

Barcode: 977182643804980014

Release: 20/10/2018

Price: 7,40





The monstrous entities of Uku Pacha, the “Underworld” of Inca mythology, have come out of the earth. Is it a hallucination, or are the beast following the orders of somebody? Dampyr investigates because he thinks there’s a Master of the Night behind it. But he’ll find more than a surprise waiting for him!