Il senso del dolore - Le stagioni del commissario Ricciardi 01 cover

Series: Il Commissario Ricciardi a Fumetti

N°: 1

Frequency: four-monthly

Il senso del dolore

Introduction: Four seasons for Commissioner Ricciardi, in 1930s Naples!

Barcode: 977197112704170035

Release: 14/11/2017

Price: 8,90






Commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi, of Naples’ Royal “Questura” (the police central station), leaves the pages of Maurizio de Giovanni’s novels to land in a series of comic volumes, supervised by the author and created by a team of scriptwriters and artists from Campania.

In 1930s Naples, the Commissioner “who sees dead people” is involved in a dangerous investigation. The victim is a well-known personality and a personal friend of il Duce: a tenor, Arnaldo Vezzi, who has been savagely killed in his dressing room...