Terra violenta - Storia del West 23 cover

Series: Storia del West

N°: 23

Frequency: monthly

Terra violenta

Introduction: While the Civil War is raging in the East, the West is the theater of a frantic gold race for the settlers, already worn out by hunger and hardship. Hatred disrupts a dream of great wealth, born out of a violent land.

Size: 19x27 cm, colors

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977261217804010023

Release: 05/02/2021

Price: 6,90






Mac Alistair was hired as a guide for a wagon trail going to the Sierra Nevada. The settlers are spurred by poverty and the hope for a better life. The journey is far from easy, and the settlers’ leader proves to be lacking both in bravery and loyalty. Once alone, Mac meets Professor Henry P. Comstock, a natural science researcher gathering information for a book. Together, they decide to follow the settlers’ path, which is peppered with dramatic traces. But there aren’t only tragic surprises in store for them...