La famiglia Milford

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 203

La famiglia Milford

Introduction: Fine folks, the Milfords, not to mention their neighbor, Cyrus!… But why then does somebody want them dead?

Barcode: 977112436000430203

Release: 11/04/2013

Price: 4,90





Plot and script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto
Cover: Angelo Stano

They’re absolutely impeccable, those Milfords — the family that acted as the protagonist of a famous television show a few years back. But now, after a commemorative episode, the series’ leading characters are beginning to die, murdered in ways that are as gruesome as well-nigh impossible. An implacable vengeance cuts down their existence, and Dylan, upon the request of the beautiful and recalcitrant Ellen, the niece of the script-writer/director of the show, will inquire into the adverse effects of frustrated fantasy…

Tuesday 29 July 2003

Saturday 17 June 2006