E la chiamano estate - Cani Sciolti 03 cover

Series: Cani Sciolti

N°: 3

Frequency: monthly

E la chiamano estate

Introduction: Summer 1968. Everyone’s on vacation. Marghe and her friends go South while Nora, Marghe’s mother, is in Nice. And everyone will find their own kind of trouble…

Barcode: 977261194004490003

Release: 12/01/2019

Price: 4,40





Our six friends go on holiday in Sicily. They are joined by a Dutch girl, Diet. While they are traveling to Positano, they receive an invitation from one of Marghe’s family friends: Bruno di Palma, a former partisan in the group “Giustizia e Libertà”. Meanwhile, in Nice, Nora, Marghe’s mother, meets Serge, a private eye who may not be there just by coincidence…