Brad Barron Omnibus 2 (di 3) - Signed edition

Series: Libri Brad Barron

Brad Barron Omnibus 2 (di 3) - Signed edition

Type: Hardcover

Size: 18 x 24 cm, b/n e colore

Pages: 592

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-186-5

Barcode: 978886961186570002

Release: 07/09/2017




Second part of the adventures of Brad Barron, the scientist and war hero created by Tito Faraci, who fights against the alines who invaded and colonized Earth in the Fifties.

While wandering in search of his wife and daughter, Brad meets many survivors, some of them proving to be valiant allies, some others turning out to be hostile. But in that world, surviving always comes first!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited edition, signed by the character's creatore Tito Faraci.