Martin Mystère. Il romanzo

Series: Romanzi

Martin Mystère. Il romanzo

Type: Hardcover

Size: 14 x 21 cm, b/w

Pages: 256

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-279-4

Barcode: 9788869612794

Release: 10/05/2018

Price: 16,00


Written by Pierdomenico Baccalario

In a blink of a eye, at just 15 years of age, the life of Martin Mystère is overturned. After losing both his parents, the kid leaves New York for an exclusive private school near Siena, in Italy. Apparently a relaxed place, but Martin will soon discover otherwise.

An exciting novel, where young Martin will meet for the first time his worst enemies and will live a series of adventures that will change is idea of reality forever!