L'isola del Kraken - Dragonero Adventures 06 cover

Series: Dragonero Adventures

N°: 6

Frequency: monthly

L'isola del Kraken

Introduction: Two "water" adventures for our three young heroes, to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Barcode: 977253284604380006

Release: 05/04/2018

Price: 3,50






Il mare del Kraken
Plot and script: Luca Enoch
Artwork: Alessandro Pastrovicchio
Colors: Marcello Iozzoli

The endless search for the pieces of the Trikke Trakke book takes our heroes across large sea waves, where they see the boats of the Sail People glide on the water... and where the worshippers of the Kraken apparently are far from ready to help them! 

La regata del villaggio
Plot and script: Luca Enoch
Artwork: Riccardo Bandiera
Colors: Giulio Zeloni

Ian, Myrva, and Gmor put that experience to use and build a particular boat... with the goal of winning Borgo Vecchio's river race!