Il Lord delle Isole - Dampyr 199 cover

Series: Dampyr

N°: 199

Frequency: monthly

Il Lord delle Isole

Introduction: A dark threat behind Hadrian's Wall...

Barcode: 977159000200260199

Release: 04/10/2016

Price: 4,40





Angus Og, the Lord of the islands, or the Master of the Night presently known as Lord Marsden, plans to lead the belligerent Picts against the weakened forces of the Britons. Just Taliesin and Drustan have the right weapons to stand up to his terrifying dearg-dul warriors. But the undead are threatening also the city of Lyonesse. Are they Mordha’s troops? And which Master of the Night have sent his vampire army against Taliesin, who’s fighting alone on the cliffs of Finis Terrae? With the comeback of Ambra of Gwynedd and her brother Draco to the fight, we have no less than five Master coming face to face in this tale set at the beginning of our era... Not to mention the Dampyr...