Storia di una principessa - Orfani: Juric 02 cover

Series: Orfani: Juric

N°: 2

Frequency: monthly

Storia di una principessa

Introduction: A tortured past, a determined and razor-sharp personality, for a real leader and a manipulative character!

Barcode: 977228330200360038

Release: 15/11/2016

Price: 5,90





Prologo e epilogo
Plot and script: Roberto Recchioni
Artwork: Andrea Accardi

Storia di una principessa
Plot: Paola Barbato e Roberto Recchioni
Script: Paola Barbato
Artwor: Roberto De Angelis, Riccardo La Bella and Maurizio Di Vincenzo
Cover: Nicola Mari, colors by Barbara Ciardo
Colors: Stefania Aquaro, Alessia Pastorello, Luca Saponti

We are still finding out more details about the traumatic past of Jsana Juric, a key figure in the Orfani saga. After discovering her childhood, in this episode (the second of three) we'll learn what tragic events made her lose one of her eyes.