Klon - Speciale Le Storie 3 cover

Series: Speciale Le Storie

N°: 3

Frequency: annual


Introduction: n a futuristic Rome, a dull inter-facial coder is involved in a shady global conspiracy!

Barcode: 977228446500460003

Release: 12/07/2016

Price: 7,90





Plot, Script and Artwork: Corrado Mastantuono
Cover: Aldo Di Gennaro

Rome, in a next future. In a cold and technocratic world, life can be a bit boring and difficult for an inter-facial coder… especially when he's a schizophrenic. But Rocco Basile's gloomy and solitary life is about to take a turn for "adventure". After being witness to a bloody murder, Rocco will unwittingly find himself at the center of a global conspiracy, a shady and perverted tangle where the future and life of millions of people is at risk…