Who is Dragonero

The fellowship of Dragonero

The fellowship of Dragonero

A loyal Orc, a young She-Elf, a powerful wizard and a skilled technocrat, are Ian Aranill’s adventurous companions.

36-year old, Gmor Burpen is Ian Aranill’s best friend and the major companion in his adventures. Gmor is a tall and sturdy Orc, with lively eyes and a great intelligence and culture. After the great number of adventures they lived together, Gmor and Ian became very close friends. The Orc loves good food, books (that he reads wearing an odd pair of round glasses) and is an atypical member of his race, historically at odds with Humans, who call the Orcs “leatherskins”. Gmor left his tribe of origin after a bad act of violence, and after roaming as a lone wolf for a long time (meeting Ian, also, but soon losing touch with him), he was taken in by an abbey of monks whose task was the safekeeping of ancient volumes. Gmor has been an avid reader since that time. He protected the ancient monastery, and received a place to stay, food, teachings and culture, until the time when Ian finally found him and asked him to partner with him in his scouting missions. Gmor is very strong and naturally resistant to fatigue and pain; he also has an extraordinary knowledge of the morphology of caves and underground areas, he can see in the dark and has an outstanding sense of direction. Even if he accepts to sail alongside Ian sometimes, Gmor doesn’t like water at all. As for most of the Orcs, his favorite weapon is a heavy battle-axe. Despite his education, Gmor, like all the Orcs, is very superstitious and, according to the situation, prone to praise or curse the many Deities of the Orcs, especially Gharn. He usually lives in an underground house in the heart of the city of Solian, liked to Ian’s house by a tunnel.

Sera from Frondascura [Darkbranch] is a petite She-Elf. She’s 118-year old, the equivalent of a 20-year old human. Ferine and strictly connected with the natural world, Sera is a Luwiemaste (master botanist) who only fights for self-defence and to help her companions, but she avoids killing if she can. She lives on a tree, planted for her by Gmor Burpen near Ian Aranill’s house, in perfect symbiosis with her surroundings. Sera’s sense are very developed, she can understand the language of animals and plants, and recognizes  the warning signs of the weather variations. She has an important role in the team: thanks to her deep connection with Nature, she’s able to perfectly orient herself in any environment, offering the group a reliable guide and a thaumaturgic presence. When needed, she can find water and food (but not of animal origin), create medications, call birds to send messages or mounts to ride. Her weapon of choice is a blowpipe that shoots soporific darts, but in some rare circumstance she can unsheat a peculiar whip called “The Scourge”. Her relationship with Gmor is an unceasing and playful dispute, where Sera seizes every chance to provoke and prod the grumpy orc.

Myrva Aranille is Ian Aranill’s little sister. She’s 30 years old and belongs to the Technocrats guild, an exiled fringe group of the Brotherhood of the Incantations, the old wizard congregation. The Technocrats chose to leave natural magic to follow the route of technology and of the mechanical artifacts. They are the progressive element in a conservative society like the world of "Dragonero". Since her childhood, Myrva showed an incredible ingenuity, building agricultural, hydraulic and mechanical machinery to make the work in the fief’s fields easier. She spent her nights inside her laboratory-tower to invent every kind of things, like a female Leonardo da Vinci of sorts. Sometimes she has been fished out of a well, half-drowned, after an experiment with a diving suit, or saved from a tree she crashed onto with her glider. During the visit of an imperial expedition to the fief of her father, Myrva is noticed by a technocrat, who takes her to the Academy in Tectŭendàrt.

Alben is a Wizard from the Order of the Luresindi – the Keepers of the light – the only surviving congregation of wizards in Erondàr, heir of the ancient Brotherhood of the Incantations. An old grouch, Alben lives an isolated life in his retreat high up on a cliff of the Eastern Sea, and practices “natural magic”. Though he’s 86 years old, Alben is in a very good shape, thanks to his magic that gives him longevity. He suffers from vertigo, is a misogynist and, due to his age, has a tendency to seclude himself— involving Alben in an adventure is often difficult if not utterly impossible. Born the day of celestial nuptials from a coulpe of poor farmers, he was observed by the Luresindi since then, beacuse the “magical talent” developed in him. Alben was brought to Vàhlendàrt for the test of affinity for magic, and when he passed it with flying colors he was chosen by his master, an old wizard called Ali’ikhai. Alben then inherited the Viturmanse hermitage from Master Vitur (who originally built the place and was in turn Ali’ikhai’s master). When Alben is away, his hermitage is inaccessible, endowed with a barrier of magical protection.