Who is Dampyr

other foes

other foes

Demons, monsters, ghosts, magical creatures, human and supernatural criminals

A Monstrous shapeshifting demon, with immense powers, Thorke wants his followers to practice cannibalism. Harlan managed to eliminate some of the most dangerous, among them the serial killer Rudolph Scholberg, unfortunately not before the demon kidnapped young Rose and her little daughter Ljuba, and Harlan did not succeeed in saving them.

Blonde Lisa has the looks of a sweet girl suffering from horrible visions and a rare sickness that causes accellerated aging. Harlan lives with her an intense love story before realizing that in truth she is a cannibal serial killer, enslaved by Thorke, and that she is the child Ljuba, given a new memory imprint, and whose metabolysm has been accellerated to have her fastly reach adulthood. The double personality of Lisa/Ljuba makes her at the same time a victim and a dangerous adversary.

The Blue Wolves are a secret society of self-styled supermen of all races. During WW2, Sir Roger De Vere headed a fifth column collaborating with the nazis of the Thule organization, that served as inspiration for his son Christian to create the Blue Wolves. Followers of a cloudy philosophy from the centre of Asia, according to which the fisìrst Blue Wolf was Gengis Khan, the Wolves fight against Draka as they believe he has usurped the sacred throne of “King of the World”. After the death of Christian and his firstborn Lester (already transformed into a monster) in the family scottish castle, the led of the wolves was transferred to his youngest son, Martin De Vere. The Club's official HQ is a joint in Hamburg, the Blaue Wolf.
Doctor Sonderling, human emissary of Nergal, is up to now the only one who, with the help of the Devil's Elixir, managed to enlist Dampyr, even though for just a short time, in the army of Evil, awakening his vampire half.
Sonderling cannot die, because of the pact he has with Nergal, even though he tried several times to regain his freedom. In past centuries he has also been known as the cursed painter Sinistrari.

Owner, in Prague, of a sinister shop called “Puppenklinik”, where he imprisons, in the bodies of his dolls, the souls of real women, Comenius tries to recover the Golem from the old ghetto of Prague and imprison into his clay body the soul of the dampyr. His attempt is thwarted by Nikolaus who imprisons the sorcerer into a crystal ball that represents the ghetto of Prague.Escaped during the flood of Prague, Comenius allies himself with Belyalis to kill Harlan, but, in the 'coffee of dreams', is eaten by the same demons he has conjured.

Hellish secret agent for Nergal, Lady Nahema is, in human guise, a woman of rare beauty, but absolutely evil, who does not hesitate to use her seducing skills for her evil ends.

A demon serving Nergal, Belyalis, who, when in human guise goes under the name of Belcore, is one of the most persistent in his attacks to Dampyr and Nikolaus, whose place in Prague he'd like to reclaim. Imprisoned in a magical pendulum clock Belyalis escapes from it to look for vengeance. He is believed to be dead, killed by Ishiyama Saemon magical katana.

Samael, Prince of Seductors, is, in his human form, a charming young man with long dark hair, and, in his demonic appearance, a giant snake with a horrible humanlike face. Sometimes he sides with Nergal but other times he acts with his own agenda. He proclaims to be in love with Vivien, one of Harlan's “three aunts”,but, to kill time, he also tries to seduce Tesla.

Severa is the dauhter of Emperor Magno Massimo, who was the lover of Amber in fifth century A.C. Because of her hatred against her vampire stepmother, she transformed, thanks to dark arts, into the terrible Gwrach-y-Rhybin of welsh folklore, better known as Black Annis, Queen of the Tylwyth Teg, the monstrous tribe of Little People living in the dark world of Annwn.

Jeff Carter, pseudonym of Samuel Eardley, from Sheffield, England, is a strange kind of serial killer, because he kills only people that committed some crime, starting with his own father.It was him who blew up the british headquarters of Temsek in Sheffield.His path crosses that of our heroes also later-on, first in Ciudad Juarez and then in Haiti.

Maybe they are not evil, but, on our Earth, the Shadows, coming from the unknown seas of another dimension, and that were brought to Belgium by the ship of Captain flanders, cannot avoid killing. Only one of these creatures fnally managed to assume a human form and a human personality and lives in Gand, in Vreedemlingstraat, calm and in peace under the alias of Adriaen De Kremer.

Misterious wizard and hypnotist living in a hidden place inside the French Quarter, Maître Abel, a.k.a. the taxidermist, knows the secret power of the “magical places” of Paris. But the search for the evil Street of Enchantment and the attempt to enslave vampress Araxa have temporarily stopped his arcane activities. Abel has fled to the past with a handful of spectres.