Who is Julia

Her friends and coworkers

Her friends and coworkers

First of all, investigator Leo Baxter. And then, Sergeant Ben Irving and the churlish inspector Alan Webb…

Julia's circle of friends and acquaintances features a number of other quite important figures. They're people who are involved in one way or another in her activities and make her daily routine more interesting. She has a platonic, almost brotherly, relationship with the private investigator Leo Baxter, the head of Baxter Investigations, who has a very meek and gentle character, with a tendency to a rather ironic attitude towards life in general.  

But in the typical tradition of private-eye American literature he is somehow always landed with action roles that are full of violence. Leo is a fine-looking guy, fair-haired and with a handsome physique, particularly attracted to the opposite sex - especially black women! And the attraction is almost always mutual. Despite his appearance as a good-time guy, he is a man with a wide range of interests and very well read, which means he can provide good support for Julia's investigations at all levels. He has an aviation pilot's licence, he's not keen on using a car and he prefers to travel by underground.

Julia has a long-standing relation with law enforcement agencies. She is entrusted with cases by Michael H. Robson, the District Attorney, a very determined and uncompromising prosecutor, for whom in the past she solved a famous case. Robson is a portly fifty-year-old, with an affable manner and a penetrating gaze, who beneath his general air of surliness and bluff manner actually has a extremely shrewd mind capable of brilliant deduction. He is also inevitably mixed up in politics, and that's why there's bad blood between him and Police Officer Alan Webb.

Webb is another figure who plays a substantial role in Julia's life. Hot-tempered and harsh-mannered, Officer Webb adopts a straight-talking no-nonsense approach both in his investigations and in his relations with the glamorous criminologist, whom he woos in his own way - a way wich is so idiosyncratic that it's incomprehensible even to Julia. The pair frequently have loud raucous arguments, resulting from a different approach to their work and, perhaps, to life. But one thing they share is the condition of being single: Officer Webb lives alone. In his investigations he's invariably helped by Sergeant "Big" Ben Irving, who is decidedly overweight, but reliable and well-trained. Irving often quotes his wife Rose - for better or for worse: she's definitely a treasure-house of wisdom as well as a paragon of gastronomic abilities! The local police precint is directed by Captain Clyde Carter, a seventy-year-old black police officer who is a highly charismatic and upstanding figure. Scientific analysis of the corpses is the job of Dr. Tait, the anatomist-pathologist of the precinct.

The Morgan 4/4 isn't a physical person, but in a sense it impinges on Julia's life with its strong "personality". Very prone to breaking down (especially on rainy days!), the car is entrusted to the expert hands of mechanic Nick Yorgis and his young co-worker Stan. Nick used to be a racing driver, and after accepting the task of exchanging the Morgan for a more modern vehicle, he takes passionate care of it with the zeal of a true collector, and he keeps finding all sorts of pretexts to postpone the moment of selling it.