Who is Nathan Never

The Alfa Universe

The Alfa Universe

The most up-to-date of the city's Private Security and Detective Agencies, an organization active against future crime!



Earth is just starting to recover after the terrible War of the Worlds against Mars colonies. The City, a megalopolis with no name where millions and millions of people dwell, has suffered terrible destruction, but it has now been rebuilt and a new future shines over its inhabitants, defended by the members of the most important security and detective agency: the Alfa Agency

From left to right let us see who are the memebers of this team:

Nathan Never
A martial arts expert,ex-policeman witha tragic past, theintroverted Nathan,is the best Alfa agent.     
Sigmund Baginov
A computer and electronics expert, Sigmund is indispensable to all the Alfa agents.
May Frayn
Very beautiful and attractive, May, a former thief turned special agent, is Legs' best friend
Created artificially in a laboratory, Branko is one of the few mutated (together withadoptive daughter Kay) still alive on Earth.

Link is one of the few robots on the Earth who has a real character as a result of having had his bio-mechanical brain modified.
Elania Elmore
Once head of the Security council, Elania now leads firmly but also humanly, the Alfa Agency.
Anthony Olsen
Secretary to Elania Elmore, he made himself noticed during the war of the Worlds. His personality is still all to be discovered...
Brusque and often impossible, Mendoza is a real wizard with all kinds of electrical equipment

Betty Hayworth
Sigmund's wife. Betty is a fun and light hearted individual. NHowever she hides a deep sadness... the terrible sickness of her mother.
Tanya, Erika and Monique are experts in extreme situations. Led by Brenda Stones, a.k.a. Mamy, they're always ready to jump onboard their special flying vehicles to fix any kind of emergency.

In a future where humanity is ruled by the Council of Equilibrium and by a race of telepath Women, earth falòls in a war with the machines, that are hidden in a secret lair at the boundariesof the Solar System. The Alfa Agency is charged to defend our planet from the attacks of the terrible MUTE, a mutaform race hiding a terrible secret....


Leader of a musical band, Liam is an Alfa Agent sometimes acting recklessly and excessively.
a.k.a. Joe, is a strong and hard willed woman. She often has strange visions, and she does not want to know where these come from...
Alfa Agent, like Liam and Joe, Scout is a silent and introspective giant, doing his job very precisely.
A mutate, maybe the last of her secies, possessing extraordinary psychic abilities. She does not remember her past.