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For our Orfani, it’s time to test the new suits, made with non-Newtonian polymers—they resemble a fabric in shape, but their surface can harden and become tougher than steel when it’s hit. No better opportunity to verify the suits’ effectiveness than... a manhunt! While an insurrection is spreading death and violence on the streets of the entire world, Jonas, Sam, Raul and Juno must go on Ringo’s tracks to see who will be able to top the Gunman [Pistolero]. The first of the Orfani to fall in Ringo’s clutches is Jonas, but also Raul soon comes to blows with the Gunman, after the Hermit [Eremita] has been caught red-handed, kissing Sam. After a furious clash, won by the Gunman, it’s the Brat’s [Mocciosa] time to make her move. And it’s a checkmate because, when Ringo lowers his guard while passionately kissing her, Sam knocks him out. Meanwhile, martial law is imposed and Prof. Juric is about to have her sought-after war against the Aliens, finding a common foe that can be the target of the humankind’s wrath.


It’s clear, now: the Aliens never existed. Nakamura and Juric have been exposed by the Gunman [Pistolero]. The E.T. threat wasn’t more than a bugbear used to cover human responsibility. Actually, the reason for the disaster that struck the Earth was the igniting of a powerful quantic engine. After Nakamura was killed by Juno, the girl and Ringo took Juric as a hostage and are now running away from Jonas, Sam and Raul, who are trying to prevent the truth from being revealed to the world. Knowing that a hostage situation rarely ends in the kidnapper’s favor, the Gunman [Pistolero] and the Angel [Angelo] set their prisoner free and flee their spaceship, going into space. Raul fires away at them, but the Hermit [Eremita] doesn’t last long: his enemies take him down in a breeze. Now it’s time for Ringo and Juno to settle the score with their respective partners, Jonas and Sam. The Boy-scout only wants to stop his beloved wife, while the Brat’s passion for Ringo has become real hatred...