Introduction: Martin & Orloff are ready to strike hard against their evil enemy. They just need to know his identity...

Martin Mystère Le Nuove Avventure a Colori


Frequency: monthly

Al cuore della tenebra

Release: 05/10/2017

Plot: The "Mysteriani"

Script: The "Mysteriani"

Artwork: Luca Maresca, Rosario Raho, Giulio Giordano, Salvatore Cuffari, Sauro Quaglia, Francesco Mortarino

Cover: Lucio Filippucci

Colors: Daniele Rudoni and Elisa Sguanci

Strange monoliths, that do not seem to belong to this world, appeared in the main cities of Southern Italy. They took with them an army of soulless super humans who destroy everything wherever they go. Columns of refugees flee to the ports, trying to find a safe haven. Martin and Orloff are among them. They have the weapon that can beat their evil enemy, who hasn’t showed his true identity yet!