Introduction: To prevent a civil war, Martin Mystère crosses the threshold to the Kingdom of Fairies once again!

Martin Mystère bimestrale


Frequency: bimonthly

Le porte dell'immaginazione

Release: 11/08/2017

Plot: Vincenzo Beretta

Script: Vincenzo Beretta

Artwork: GIancarlo Alessandrini and Esposito bros.

Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

Faerie, the Kingdom of the Fairies, is in great danger: the evil Ritter is scheming to seize power with the help of the ambitious Marisol. The only hope for Viviana, the "Lady of the Lake", is to ask the Detective of the Impossible for help. He's one of the few humans who can cross the threshold between the fantastic Kingdom of Faerie and the ordinary world...